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Cycle tourism in Valpolicella

Cycle tourism in Valpolicella is a fascinating experience that allows you to explore this Veneto wine region by bicycle. Here are some suggestions for organizing a cycling tour in Valpolicella:

Plan your itinerary: Before you go, plan your itinerary. You can decide whether you want to focus mainly on tasting the wines, discovering the historic villages or the natural beauty of the surrounding hills. Evaluate your daily distance and the level of difficulty you want to tackle.

Bike rental: If you don't have your own bike, you can rent one on site. Make sure you choose a bike suited to the type of terrain you plan to tackle. Some companies also offer electric bicycles to make pedaling the hills easier.

Discover the cellars: Valpolicella is famous for its vineyards and its fine wines. Organize guided tours of local wineries to taste Amarone and other wines from the region. Many wineries also offer spaces for lunch or dinner.

Explore the villages: Valpolicella is dotted with fascinating historic villages, such as San Giorgio di Valpolicella and San Pietro in Cariano. Stop to explore these locations, admire the architecture, and savor the local cuisine.

Panoramic paths: Drive along the panoramic roads of Valpolicella to admire the breathtaking landscapes. The hills offer spectacular views of the valleys and vineyards.

Points of interest: During your tour, you may want to visit points of interest such as the region's historic villas or places of cultural interest. These can further enrich your cycle touring experience.

Equipment and safety: Make sure you have safety equipment with you, such as a helmet and suitable clothing. Also bring water and food with you to stay hydrated and energetic during your tour.

Map and Navigation: Use maps or GPS navigation apps to guide you during your tour. This will help you avoid getting lost and discover new interesting places along the way.

Cycle tourism in Valpolicella is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the wine culture, history and natural beauty of this Italian region. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner, there are many options to tailor your tour to your preferences and abilities.

Tour of the Villas and Gardens:

Departure from Negrar: Start your tour from Negrar and head east.

Visit to the historic villas: Discover some of the historic villas of Valpolicella, such as Villa Mosconi Bertani and Villa Serego Alighieri, also visiting their magnificent gardens.

Natural Landscapes: Enjoy scenic drives through the hills and vineyards of the region.

Return to Negrar: Return to your starting point to complete your tour.

Hills Tour:

Departure from San Pietro in Cariano or Negrar: Start your tour from one of these municipalities and head towards the hills.

Panoramic routes: Explore the hills of Valpolicella, enjoying breathtaking views and the tranquility of the countryside.

Picnic: Bring a picnic and stop at a scenic spot for an outdoor lunch.

Return to starting point: Return to the starting point to conclude your cycling tour.

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